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What do I bring to my session?

Each session is unique so I’m happy to discuss specific items that will benefit you during our time together.

Where will we take pictures?

I prefer outdoor locations for the majority of my sessions.   The exception is for newborns and babies under 6 months of age, which will be held at my home studio.  I’m happy to photograph babies outdoors during the summer when your little one will stay warm.   I’m open to suggestions for different locations, however, if your location is 30 minutes from my studio, there will be a flat travel fee of 100.00.

When will I receive my disc? Can I share the pictures on social networking sites?

A:  Your disc will be finished within 2-3 weeks from our session date, unless stated otherwise at the end of our session.   Summer and holidays tend to be higher volume and turnaround time might be slightly longer than usual.  On your disc there are duplicates of each high resolution image that are resized, sharpened and watermarked for web sharing.  Please feel free to share these images, but please make sure to keep my watermark visible in every picture.  My business thrives on word of mouth.   Many phones have filters you can use when uploading to these sites.  I work hard to provide beautiful pictures that best represent you and your family and keep my photography style consistent, so please make sure that you are uploading the original image that is on your disc and do not alter/edit in any way.

When do I pay?  Can I make payments?

Your deposit is required at the time of scheduling in order to secure your session date & time.  The remainder is due on the day of your session.  Payments are not accepted typically, but if you encounter an unexpected expense that will not allow you to afford your session, we can discuss options that will work for both of us.

Do you do this as a hobby?

It’s hard to consider what I do as work because I absolutely love what I do. However, this is not a pass time or hobby.  I have taken the steps in licensing and insuring my business.  My schedule has been created to allow consistency for my clients, but also to make myself accessible to and involved with my young family, which I am so incredibly grateful for.

What if my child doesn’t cooperate during our time together?

A:  As we all know, our kiddos can be unpredictable.  That’s okay, so don’t stress if your child are showing signs of being less than enthusiastic about getting their picture taken.  Please arrive about 15 minutes early so that we don’t have to just dive into our session.   If your little one seems to fizzle part way through, it’s a good idea to bring a couple of your child’s favorite items (blankets, toys, snack) in case they need to take a minute and regroup.

What would cause us to cancel?

There aren’t many reasons that would cause a cancellation.   Scheduling becomes limited and it may not be easy to get another date set right away.  A cancellation will happen if it’s a complete downpour or one of your family members is sick.  Germs are busy and social little creatures, so please don’t feel that you’ll be penalized for taking others immune systems into consideration.  I intend to do the same!